Be kind to the old ladies

Image credit: American Graffiti

(The answer is yes)

Image credit: Tony Soprano

Don’t focus, and wallow in guilt

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn
Image credit: Harley Quinn

The screenwriter must be silent when the movie’s rolling

You can’t handle the truth!

The delusional censorship of wrongspeak murders great art

A woman with a Covid mask protests on the street.
Photo by Clay Banks

Report versus rapport

Photo by Ron Lach

It takes courage to do what we do

Photo by Ivan Samkov

Telling the truth just won’t get you where you want to be

President Underwood from House of Cards sits on a stone throne
Image credit: House of Cards

A core lesson from my Master of Fine Arts program

Uma Thurman brandishes a katana in Kill Bill.
Image credit: Kill Bill

And I’m not even being crass

Image credit: Indiana Jones

Richard Walter

Screenwriter, bestselling author, and 40 years leadership @ UCLA’s prestigious screenwriting program. Get 40 lessons from 40 years:

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